Teesside High School

TV Advertisement

Following on from the Wash Design Studio re-brand of the school, we put forward the idea of running an advert to go on the local Tyne Tees channel and in local cinemas as we'd spotted an opportunity on some great air time deals through our media partner. The school were keen and the offers were too good to miss.

So, building on our brand concept and the school's new ethos that 'Everything is Possible', we set aside a day to go and interview the children and get their views on their dreams and aspirations. It gave us some lovely soundbites to work with.

We then took our sound edits to The Peepshow Collective and Jenny Bowers who had been working with us on the brand collateral for the prospectus. We soon had a lovely storyboard to present.

Once we had a sign off on the animatic and sound edit, Pete Mellor at Peepshow animated this beautiful little ad.

The impact of the ad was incredible as non of the schools had ever done anything so progressive, resulting in a huge spike of interest for the school.

Creative Concept/Direction/Media Buying/Production

Creative Partners
Animation - peepshow.org.uk
Sound - holkhamsound.com